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Books simplifying Commercial Real Estate

Reading about commercial real estate is a great way to educate yourself and understand trends, patterns, mechanisms, mandates, and much more.  Whether you are an established commercial real estate investor or new to this market, reading is the sure way to tutor and prepare yourself for the endless dynamism of this market. We have shortlisted a few JNM Specialists’ favorite commercial real estate books by seasoned professionals, brokers, investors, syndicators, and developers. Learn about the market, how to invest in it, navigate it, and also what not to do, which is oftentimes just as important.
1. Brian Murray’s Crushing It In Apartments And Commercial Real Estate: How A Small Investor Can Make It Big
An excellent read for commercial real estate beginners, this book encapsulates actionable advice like finding commercial properties, understanding how to finance a deal, learn how to make commercial real estate investments
2. John L. Bowman’s How To Succeed In Commercial Real Estate
Exposing the ins and outs of commercial real estate brokerage, this book covers leasing and selling commercial property, handling negotiations, and provides a broad overview of the different types of commercial real estate. Additionally, it also provides insights into understanding commercial contracts, dealing with commercial brokers, different types of lease structures, and technicalities that include appraisal and zoning.
3. Brandon Turner’s The Book On Rental Property Investing: How To Create Wealth And Passive Income Through Intelligent Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing!
OTC content platform, Bigger Pockets is probably the largest resource that is principally targeted towards real estate investors (mostly residential). However, many of the principals discussed, here, can be applied to commercial real estate investments. You will learn actionable steps to build cash flow and passive income, analyse deals, build a team, understand tax strategies, etc.
4. Joe Fairless & Theo Hicks’s Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book
The authors are advocates for multifamily syndication, which means pooling in capital from private investors to collectively own larger apartment complexes than one single ownership. Here, the duo advice readers on finding apartment deals, raise capital and successfully execute a plan for multifamily real estate investments. 
5. Brian Hennessey’s How To Add Value Handbook For Commercial Real Estate: Generate More Income From Your Investment Property
A popular strategy of commercial real estate investment, value-add is thoroughly discussed in this book in addition to different ways of updating investments and improving cash flows. It also discusses appropriately pricing investment property rentals, attracting top-quality tenants, hiring property managers and leasing agents, as well as structuring lease rates. 
We hope that you give these books a read! Do let us know what you think of our suggestions. 
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