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Debutants’ guide on the commercial real estate scene in Dubai.

For entrepreneurs in Dubai, being accurately positioned is of prime importance. The office locality sets the tone of conduct not only within the organisation but also with collaborators, partners, and other joint avenues for business and trade. The recent increase in the commercial activities in Dubai, the latest being EXPO 2020, has seen a steep ascension in the demand for commercial properties. It is noticed that entrepreneurs setting up their first-time business in Dubai often prefer renting out spaces instead of buying them, especially in the company’s nascent stages. With a plethora of Commercial Real Estate Companies in Dubai, it becomes increasingly essential for first-time renters to seek the assistance of formally registered, knowledgeable, and experienced real estate agents. 
While you type ‘commercial real estate agents near me’ in your browser, we have enlisted this article with a few guidelines that will assist you in reaching out to reliable Commercial Real Estate Companies.
Find The Right Location
As a renter, you must be aware that there are various types of commercial licenses available for those running an organisation/business in Dubai. Based on the license, you will need to classify which areas are suitable for renting an office space in Dubai.
Get Professional Advice 
Reach out to Commercial Real Estate Companies. If you are willing to rent an office in Dubai, it’s crucial to seek advice from a real estate agent. Considering the legalese associated with renting commercial properties in Dubai, it is important to work with real estate agents from reputed and recognised Commercial Real Estate Companies so that you are guided with the right advice when renting a commercial space in Dubai. 
Ensure Orderly Paperwork 
In Dubai, all real estate transactions, including commercial, are regulated by Ejari; therefore, it is important to ensure all the terms and conditions are specified in the contract to circumvent future disputes. It’s therefore imperative that all documentations are in order, including proof of ownership, the status of the commercial space, agreement of the premises with existent plans, availability of sanctions to utilise the premises, etc. 
Factor in Your Budget
While you reach out to Commercial Real Estate Companies, one must ensure that it sits perfectly within your budget. You must consider the deposit amount and/or any additional hidden costs whilst finalising a space.
Make The Right Arrangements On Signing the Lease
After signing the rental lease, you must monitor the electricity and water connection with DEWA, insure the contents of property against damage as well as completion of arrangements for the interior decor of your office space. IN case you do not rent a fitted property i.e. a shell and core property with no furniture or fittings, you will need to factor in a specialist to take care of the office space interiors. 
Finding the perfect location for your office, warehouse or store sets a successful tone for your venture. Make sure you reach out to the right Commercial Real Estate Companies like JNM Specialists - Real Experts for Real Estate!
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