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Have you considered joining the Commercial Real Estate industry?

The real estate industry is amicably divided into the residential and commercial real estate segments; even though these segments may have similarities, their differences are very significant. If you are considering a career in the Commercial Real Estate Industry, you have landed yourself in the right place. This article aims to shed light on the fundamentals of the Commercial Real Estate Industry for young aspirants. 
If you have done some Commercial Real Estate Research or spoken to existing commercial real estate professionals, you will understand that building a career and earning well in the commercial in commercial real estate segment is even more demanding in comparison to residential markets. Having stated the obvious, a career in the Commercial Real Estate Industry can be highly rewarding and profitable. One must understand that choosing this career means belonging to a group of well-educated professionals who have a keen eye for designing, developing, investing in, and managing real estate places; from construction to property administration, from portfolio supervision to acquisitions, the Commercial Real Estate Industry offers an extensive expanse of profoundly lucrative, fulfilling, and impactful careers in real estate.
While dealing with a commercial buyer or a lease client, the concerned aspects of discussion will be financial analysis, market demographics considerations, and environmental research, etc. In conventional commercial purchases or lease arrangements, a client is usually concerned with area statistics, information about the property's location, and the demographics of the local inhabitants and businesses amongst others. 
A commercial real estate agent's average daily activities may closely include the following:
  • Cold calls to business managers and estate owners 
  • Analysing lease payments for office complexes in the locality
  • Assessing the break-even ratios for one or more commercial estates
  • Evaluating current leases for potential buyers 
  • Reviewing laws and regulations of the land, wherein commercial real estate is concerned
  • Studying newly published local market data including demographics and other related statistical information
  • Visiting and estimating commercial properties 
  • Upcoming projects
Apart from these functional attributes of the Commercial Real Estate Industry, the personality traits of a commercial real estate are poignant too, which must include informative, helpful, knowledgeable, and astute. Additionally, the most important essence of any commercial real estate agent is the ability to listen to the clients. 
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