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Learn about Commercial Real Estate from YouTube!

Apart from entertaining, OTC content platforms also provide valuable information. A platform that encapsulates several series, movies, documentaries, biopics, and a range of audio-visuals, OTC platforms, today, have become synonymous with infotainment (a portmanteau of information and entertainment). Adding to this new-age gamut are a few notable YouTube channels based on real estate, which continues to garner an increased following! Whether you are a novice or a commercial real estate broker, or want to expand your income sources, or derive a complete living from commercial real estate investments, these channels are worth checking out.
A. Bigger Pockets
For anyone looking for a comprehensive resource on investment in the commercial real estate industry, Bigger Pockets is the channel for you. With weekly videos, this channel covers a host of topics concerning various aspects of commercial real estate, wealth building, and financial freedom. 
B. Tyler Cauble
A commercial real estate broker, investor, and developer, Tyler Cauble runs a YouTube channel that provides information on the leasing process, commercial real estate investments, general trends within the commercial real estate market. Tyler, recognized by Business Journal, focuses on helping small business owners and investors navigate the complex world of leasing and investing in commercial real estate
C. Break into CRE
The Break into CRE channel consists of conversations that surround real estate investment careers and real estate financial modelling, which is apt for those young aspirants looking to build a career in this industry. However, this channel is also ideal for anyone who is looking to invest, rent, or purchase a property. Simplifying jargons and terminologies, this channel caters to several stakeholders of the commercial real estate market. 
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Investing in real estate can be lucrative. However, given the severity of risks, the profits and losses can vary greatly. Make sure you reach out to a trusted commercial real estate broker or company for any query that you may have regarding procedures, enactments, market value, investments, etc. 
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