How to Write a Real Estate Listing Description that sells!

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Whenever an individual looks to purchase a property, they look for options online. The availability of virtual information about any real estate makes it easy for potential investors to shortlist and reach out to the sellers and/or brokers. This decision of reaching out, therefore, depends largely on the online real estate listing descriptions and images, […]

Keep the investors close and the tenants closer!

Owning a real estate property is a lifelong goal of many investors, especially where there are many houses for sale in Dubai; however, renting has its set of advantages too! For some individuals renting might make more sense given their financial circumstances, personal needs and general requirements. Here, we have listed a few advantages of […]

Questions to ask a luxury property specialist

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Synonymous with extravagance, Dubai has flourished as a destination for buyers seeking to invest in luxury properties. ‘But what consists of a luxury property?’, one may ask. A luxury property is one that is esteemed within the top 10% of properties in the local real estate market. Luxury properties are considerable in size, located in […]

Books simplifying Commercial Real Estate

Reading about commercial real estate is a great way to educate yourself and understand trends, patterns, mechanisms, mandates, and much more.  Whether you are an established commercial real estate investor or new to this market, reading is the sure way to tutor and prepare yourself for the endless dynamism of this market. We have shortlisted a few JNM Specialists’ favorite commercial […]

Learn about Commercial Real Estate from YouTube!

Apart from entertaining, OTC content platforms also provide valuable information. A platform that encapsulates several series, movies, documentaries, biopics, and a range of audio-visuals, OTC platforms, today, have become synonymous with infotainment (a portmanteau of information and entertainment). Adding to this new-age gamut are a few notable YouTube channels based on real estate, which continues […]

Commercial Real Estate – Basics

Regulations and statutes can be difficult to fathom, especially when you may not have an appetite for it; the scenario with commercial real estate is no different. Laws at several levels – federal, state, and local – in addition to intricacies like insurance, agreements, and even contract law could be overwhelming at times. Finding a single source […]

Interpreting Commercial Real Estate through Monopoly!

Yes, you read correctly! Monopoly, the board game, where players roll two six-sided dices to navigate around the board, buying, trading, and developing properties. Although the genesis of Monopoly occurred in 1903, it was only marketed in 1935 – in the thick of The Great Depression. Seemingly a child’s play or a leisurely activity, playing […]

Debutants’ guide on the commercial real estate scene in Dubai

For entrepreneurs in Dubai, being accurately positioned is of prime importance. The office locality sets the tone of conduct not only within the organisation but also with collaborators, partners, and other joint avenues for business and trade. The recent increase in the commercial activities in Dubai, the latest being EXPO 2020, has seen a steep […]

Investment in Commercial Real Estate on a budget.

When an investor looks to invest in real estate, they are faced with the choices between residential and commercial properties. In general, residential properties are considered to be an optimum alternative for first-time real estate investors, however, commercial properties are considered to be a more suitable option for seasoned investors with a grander budget including […]

Have you considered joining the Commercial Real Estate industry?

The real estate industry is amicably divided into the residential and commercial real estate segments; even though these segments may have similarities, their differences are very significant. If you are considering a career in the Commercial Real Estate Industry, you have landed yourself in the right place. This article aims to shed light on the […]