How to Write a Real Estate Listing Description that sells!

Whenever an individual looks to purchase a property, they look for options online. The availability of virtual information about any real estate makes it easy for potential investors to shortlist and reach out to the sellers and/or brokers. This decision of reaching out, therefore, depends largely on the online real estate listing descriptions and images, which helps them gain an added insight that is not accessible otherwise. Consequently, it is imperative for any property description to fully and adequately describe the property on sale.

If you are looking to put your Dubai homes for sale, here are a few tips that will help you put together a real estate listing description that sells!

  1. Accurately describe the property

It is crucial to be honest with your descriptions. For example, if the house is barely 900 square feet, describing it as ‘sprawling’ is dishonest. Do not set unrealistic expectations; instead, own up to the property’s flaws and shortcomings and turn them into positives or propose suggestions to fix them.

  1. Use adjectives wisely

Do not be overtly narrative; buyers can identify hard-sell descriptions. Although, your description is an opportunity to get creative, adding too many adjectives makes the reader assume you are distracting them from reality.

  1. Highlight novel features

If there is a fireplace in the master bedroom or a stained-glass windowpane in the hallway, specify it in your real estate listing description. It will help potential buyers distinguish your listing from the others when they are browsing. Mention a few rare features in your description to help the right buyers appreciate it.

  1. Notice punctuations and sentences

However excited you are about your property, ensure that every sentence does not end in an exclamation mark because if everything is marvellous, then nothing is! Having said so, be sure to use punctuation. Long-drawn sentences are hard to follow and information mostly gets lost. Write real estate listing descriptions using complete and coherent sentences with appropriate punctuation.

  1. Leave out basic information

Information like the number of beds, baths, etc. can be listed elsewhere but your description, which could be available in your email or the landing page. Your description space is for relevant details that will make potential buyers want to see the real estate in the flesh.

  1. Use great images

Images are a significant part of your description. Today, smartphones can do the job of professional cameras. Open the curtains, allow the natural light to flood the room and get clicking! Make your real estate listing description work in your favour.

If there’s one commercial real estate specialist whose descriptions you can trust and/or gain from, it has to be JNM Specialists! We, at JNM Specialists, maintain a clear and honest demeanour right from our descriptions to showings, inspections, closings, and all the other tasks that occur within the gamut of real estate.

Helping our clients buy or sell a home is a time-consuming process, and writing a real estate listing description is a minuscule part of the process but a crucial one.

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