Property Management

Handling properties and working with tenants can be an unwelcome headache for many property owners.

Employing JNM as your professional caring property management company removes the stresses and headaches of the life as a property owner and frees your time to focus on other business, development including enabling you to travel without the need to be on call for issues raised by tenants.

Our service includes but is not limited to

  • Ejari Registration of the tenancy contract
  • Marketing the Property for Lease or Sale
  • Leasing the Property
  • Leasing inspection and Report
  • Post-Rectification Inspection and Report
  • Property inspection for outgoing tenants.
  • Maintaining Landlord's Accounts and Yearly Financial Statements
  • Property Inspections & Reports wile tenanted
  • Assisting the landlord in case of any Legal issue with Tenant

Please contact us at for further information and contracts.