Questions to ask a luxury property specialist

Synonymous with extravagance, Dubai has flourished as a destination for buyers seeking to invest in luxury properties. ‘But what consists of a luxury property?’, one may ask. A luxury property is one that is esteemed within the top 10% of properties in the local real estate market. Luxury properties are considerable in size, located in prime areas, constructed and finished with top-notch materials and designed with exceptional architectural nuances and unmatched conveniences.

If ‘Buy House Dubai’ are the sort of keywords in your search list on Google, you have landed yourself in the right place! We must, however, emphasise the importance of being backed by a trusted and reputed luxury property specialist while you make any commercial or investment decisions.

The three crucial criteria to help you shortlist luxury properties in Dubai include:

Quality: A luxury property is built with the best quality and durable materials and skillfully finished.

Size: Larger than normal buildings, luxury properties including rooms, kitchen, storage space, backyard, etc. are capaciously built on a grander scale.

Exclusive features: These properties usually come with certain added extras such as saunas, spas and swimming pools, cinemas, cellars or guesthouses.

Here, we have listed a few questions you may ask a luxury property specialist that may help you in the process of shortlisting and owning a piece of extravagance in Dubai.

1) What is the real estate market forecast for luxury properties in this specific area?

2) For how long was this luxury property on the market?

3) What are the neighbourhoods and adjoining areas consist of? Do they also comprise luxury properties?

4) Who designed this luxury property, and who built the home?

5) What community amenities/specialities are made available with this luxury property?

6) What are the anticipated costs for home care?

7) What is the potential for rental income? (Considering that you may invest in the luxury property.)

8) What are the possible tax benefits of owning a luxury home?

9) Is the property situated in a Freezone? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

10) Has the property been tested for any defects – structural and functional?

The aforementioned questions will not only help you gauge the property, but they will also help you gauge your real estate agent’s calibre and preparedness. While you choose a real estate specialist, choose with utmost certainty!

If you are looking for a luxury property specialist in Dubai, it has to be JNM Specialists, undoubtedly!

JNM Specialists offer specialised services in Commercial, Residential, and Sales-Leasing segments of the real estate sector enhanced by the prowess and guidance of agents with over 15 years of experience in the Dubai market.

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